Five Great Dog Breeds for Families with Children

If you’ve already got a family, especially one with smaller children, letting a dog into your home is a huge step. For this reason, you need to know exactly which type of dog would be safe for you and your children, and allow you to live harmoniously together. We’ve put together a list of five exceptional dog breeds with varying needs and temperaments, to help you in choosing your new best friend. Here they are:



This docile, unique looking breed is a great choice to complement the family home. Whilst not the most energetic, these fun and friendly canines are good with children and other dogs. Their calm and collected temperaments mean they’re not as much effort to keep entertained. Their droopy, wrinkled faces are absolutely adorable, making them attractive but also amusing.

Their size makes them perfect for any size house, and their coat takes minimal care due to the shortness of the fur. These stocky, cuddly dogs are perfect for any loving, social family.

Size: Small to Medium
Life Expectancy: 8-10 Years
Activity Level: Not Very Active

Labrador Retriever


This intelligent breed are eager to please their families and are very easy to train. Labradors boast very attractive and endearing looks, available in three colours; yellow, black and chocolate. These energetic, athletic dogs have a high level of energy and are sure to keep families and children entertained for hours with their bubbly, friendly personalities.

Labradors are great with children and other dogs as they love to play and make friends. Regular long walks are required to keep them healthy and happy, and they’re sure to remind you! Boasting very loyal and protective traits towards their families, they’re a very smart choice for a family dog, in a busy and active family with enough space.

Size: Medium to Large
Life Expectancy: 10-12 Years
Activity Level: Very Active

Golden Retriever


Similarly to Labradors, Golden Retrievers boast a medium sized body stature, but require a little more care for their beautiful coats. Retrievers are very intelligent and loyal dogs that are good at whatever they set their minds to. Great with children due to their patient, caring nature, this breed consistently top the charts for best family dogs over and over again. They have a silly, fun-loving personality and need a lot of exercise so a family with time for regular long walks and activities are required.

Children and families alike are sure to quickly fall in love with these loyal canines!

Size: Medium to Large
Life Expectancy: 10-12 Years
Activity Level: Very Active



Beagles are small dogs with HUGE personalities. There’s nothing a beagle loves more to do than burn off their energy exploring the outside world. Beagles were bred to hunt in packs and so love the company of others, especially their families, and so are great alongside children and other dogs. Their loyal personalities mean they’re great to have around the house, and respond to training very well.

Beagles have very strong and talented noses, which is one of the main reasons they were used as hunting dogs. This means they often get sidetracked by smells and love to explore the scents around them, making them curious little dogs. They love to chase and be chased, by human and dog alike so keep them active and healthy and you’ll have one fun, loving ball of energy to care for.

Size: Small
Life Expectancy: 10-15 Years
Activity Level: Very Active



Possibly one of the biggest personalities yet, Pugs are roll after roll of emotion and mischief. These mischievous little ones love to get up to all sorts, and keep families (and the internet alike) entertained on a daily basis. They have one of the most recognisable faces and their snorting and snoring is a trademark to this famously cute breed.

Pugs don’t often fall trap to the ‘little dog syndrome’ that others do, and so are rather good with other dogs. They are loving and fun companions so they are good with children and love to lounge and flop all over their families as they sleep (and trust us, they SLEEP). Endless curiousity means these dogs are quite active despite tending to sleep a lot, so regular activity is required. You’ll adore cuddling up to those wrinkly little bodies.

Size: Small
Life Expectancy: 12-15 Years
Activity Level: Quite Active


It is very important to assess your own needs compared to the needs of the dog breed you’re thinking about adopting. Ensure that your own capabilities of exercise and activity, time to give attention and train, as well as your family and home situation meet the requirements of the dog in order to both live a happy life together.

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