Tinder Tips: The Do’s and Don’t’s of Profile Pictures

Your profile picture is your first and sometimes ONLY chance to make an impression. The importance of a good profile picture, particularly on Tinder, cannot be ignored. As your potential matches are flicking through endless lists of wannabe-daters, you need to find any way of standing out amongst a huge crowd, and trust me, there is a huge crowd.  DOUBLE YOUR MATCHES with this profile picture guideline, so here we go with the do’s and don’t’s of Tinder profile pictures.


DO smile! Nobody wants to get to know someone who’s profile picture looks like their cats just died.

DO have a clear shot, potential matches want to see exactly who they’d be talking to.

DO show your hobbies and interests, it’s a great conversation starter and you might have something in common.

DO show other extra-curricular activities! Skydiving, scuba diving, racing etc. again, are great conversation starters and not only that, they show your fun and adventurous side!

DO be yourself! If you’re a bit of a joker, show it! If you’re a huge heavy metal fan, show it.. OK, maybe only a little bit.

DO have group photos.. but in moderation! These show you’re a social person and you like to enjoy yourself. Make sure you’re easy to find though!


DO have photos with animals! Profile pictures with cute animals instantly attract attention, so have them! Don’t force a photo if you really don’t like animals though, people can tell.

DO have photos that make people want to ask for the story behind it! Celebrities, strange goings on… perfect conversation starters, and great ways to peak someones interest!


DON’T hide your face or cover it up! Who wants to swipe right for someone who’s face they can’t even see?

DON’T use Snapchat filters. You’re not 15… we hope.

DON’T have too many selfies, especially guys.

DON’T use shirtless gym photos, and no heavily shadowed topless selfies. Shirtless is OK if you’re at the beach or by the pool, not in your bathroom.

DON’T have too many group photos, just one. As bad as it sounds, don’t post group photos next to six Zac Efron’s if you’re more of a Seth Rogen.


DON’T have trashy drunk photos of you lying on the floor with ketchup and mustard smeared across your body. Yes, we’ve seen it.

DON’T be using anything that covers up your face, that means take the sunglasses and balaclavas off.

DON’T use photos that look like they’ve been taken on a potato. Stick to clear and good quality.


Now we’ve got the profile picture down to a tee, happy swiping!

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