Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! Review (Spoilers Ahead)



Your favourite trainer from Pallet Town is back in the newest instalment to the world-wide franchise ‘Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!’. The flick retells the origins of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu whilst touching upon some of the biggest and most influential moments of the first ever series… but not how you’d remember them.

Being a passionate fan and loyal fan of the Pokemon franchise since childhood, both TV and game, the cinema release of ‘Pokemon the Movie: I choose you’ wasn’t something I was going to miss out on. The theatre was inevitably packed out with 90’s kids and adults alike who definitely were not embarrassed to admit their love for the anime. If you’re like me, one thing you must remember when watching this, is that we are no longer the target audience. At times, the events and story moments of the movie are slightly laughable, and a bit ridiculous. However, the younger children in the theatre were absolutely mesmerised by the viewing as much as I would have been at that age watching the original ones.


Celebrating the 20th anniversary, it follows Ash’s search for the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh, that he is lucky enough to catch a glimpse of during his very first day as a Pokemon trainer. Guided by the rainbow wing, a mystical feather bestowed upon him by Ho-Oh, he faces a gruelling journey through forest and mountain to find the legendary bird. Rough terrain aren’t the only troublesome things awaiting Ash though as he comes across an array of new cold-hearted rivals. Despite being set in a newly designed and aesthetically beautiful Kanto, Pokemon of all generations are featured, including cameos from the new generations in Sun and Moon.

The movies new spin on familiar events from the original series is surprisingly refreshing. Charmander gets an all new (and even more upsetting) origin story of how he joins Ash’s team, accompanying a strong and emotional story arc. You can also expect a number of twists on the recruitment of some of Ash’s other influential team-mates, and their progressions and growth, namely how and when they evolved throughout his journeys. Plus, the return of arguably one of the most favourite characters throughout the entire Pokemon franchise, Ash’s Charizard (insert multiple heart-eyed emojis here).


Personally, I felt that this instalment had the strongest and most dynamic storyline and development out of all the movies, which is exciting and alluring enough to keep any Poke fan’s eyes on the screen. Ash is accompanied by two completely new characters (there’s no Brock or Misty) who are actually likeable and interesting, aiding the stories progression rather well. They do however feel even more of back-seat characters than usual as their stories or origins are blatantly ignored despite subtle references, and they aren’t really developed upon, as they follow Ash around and contribute only where needed. Team Rocket also make a number of appearances in probably their most pointless and frustrating roles since ever.

All in all, if you’re a fan, I would absolutely recommend channeling your inner-child and going to see this. I would emphasise that you shouldn’t expect an award winning masterpiece of scripting and story-telling but this addition just had something extra that other movies didn’t. Plus theres a moment towards the end of the movie with Pikachu that will have you picking up your jaw and rubbing your eyes, seriously.

Anyway, I’m heading off to go look for my old GameBoy.


Two Great Zombie Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard Of!

Braaiiinssssssss… There’s just something about a good zombie movie that not matter how many times the same storyline and characters are recreated over and over, has people coming back for more of that flesh chomping entertainment. Whether it’s the unrivalled gore, the suspense, the hordes of crazed cannibals, or the source of ideas on how to survive the actual zombie apocalypse when it happens for real… zombie movies continue to hold on tight to their presence in the movie industry. If you’re a loyal zombie franchise fan, you might realise that some of the best Z-films aren’t always the biggest, most publicised and highest budgeting Hollywood creations. Some of the best in recent years have come from smaller film-making presences, and lower budgets with some unique and fresh spins on the saturated genre.

In this post, we’re going to go over two recently produced movies in the franchise that were exactly as stated before; not as heavily promoted and marketed as other big Hollywood hits. For this reason, you more than likely went about your life without even knowing they existed! We’re here to enlighten you, and expand your admirable zombie movie brain (before it gets eaten). Here we go.

Train to Busan (2016) 


This South Korean addition (with English subtitles) to the franchise is set on a packed, moving bullet train, heading to the city of Busan. When an outbreak occurs, the passengers find themselves fighting for survival in zombie infested carriages as the train continues to hurtle towards its destination. The story follows a struggling relationship between a divorced, workaholic, single father and his emotionally neglected daughter, of who he rarely sets aside time or attention for. Desperate to spend her birthday with her mother in Busan, she demands that her father take her there, only to be caught up in a cannibalistic nightmare. The forward moving storyline will keep you captivated as you truly begin to fear for the characters, and root for them to make it through.

You can watch the full trailer here:

Train To Busan (2016) Trailer

Train To Busan received a jaw-dropping 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes for its unique and entertaining take on the zombie franchise. With edge of the seat suspense, heart racing excitement and characters with actual personalities, this movie really isn’t one to miss.

The Girl With All The Gifts (2016)


Another horror flick with an outstanding review is British-made ‘The Girl With All The Gifts’. Set in a post-apocalyptic Southern England, the story follows a band of militarised survivors in a world infested by fast, hunger-driven cannibals. The main character, Melanie, is an intelligent and polite child that is seemingly normal, also possesses an uncontrollable hunger for human flesh but still has the ability to communicate and think. Melanie is one of a number of hybrids in a school where they are observed and studied in order to gain a better understanding of the fungal outbreak that causes people to transform into mindless zombies.

Watch the trailer here:

The Girl With All The Gifts (2016) Trailer

A Girl With all The Gifts plays around with some refreshingly new ideas in a well familiar and tested area, and brings a very unique taste to the table. It provides enough nervous moments, with a few moral dilemmas and questions thrown in, to impress throughout, with a very strong leading performance.


We loved these movies, so comment below and let us know what you thought of them!

Top 5 Tricks for Beating Legendary Difficulty on FIFA 18 for BIG Squad Battles Rewards


FIFA 18 Ultimate Team’s BRAND NEW game mode Squad Battles is taking the FIFA community by storm. Pitting your squad against the sometimes frightening line-ups of other gamers around the world in order to accumulate as many points as possible in a specified number of games and climb up the SB leaderboards. The higher you finish in the leaderboards, the more valuable your rewards upon completion of the weekly event.

To cut a long story short, if you want to be up towards the upper tiers of the ladder when the week is over, then you need to be playing on Legendary difficulty at least.. and winning! As you probably already know, squad battles difficulty is strongly linked to not only the strength of the squad you are playing, but the chemistry too. Difficulty levels on Squad Battles are more difficult than their respective difficulty levels in other game modes due to these fluctuating squads and chemistry ratings. Ultimately, the higher the chemistry of your opponent, the more challenging you will find it to play against them.

Legendary difficulty on any game mode is challenging enough, so how can you be expected to play against not only an even harder Legendary difficulty, but also against star studded squads packed out with the likes of Messis, Ronaldos, Hazards and more? Well, there are a few very important, and very effective tricks in order to do this. I’ll narrow it down to my Top Five Tips for Beating Legendary Difficulty on Ultimate Team Squad Battles.

Trick #1 – Legacy Defending


This is probably the first tip I would give to anyone who is struggling against higher difficulty AI. Ever since coming across this, I’ve felt like I’ve almost been cheating on the game. Legacy defending is an in-game feature that you can activate in your gameplay settings. The feature allows you to almost automatically chase down and press the opposition with the player you are controlling, and they’ll even put in the tackle for you too. By holding the ‘A’ button (XBOX) or ‘X’ button (PlayStation), your player will pressurise the opposition player with the ball and make the tackle, without you having to direct them, or press to tackle. All you have to do is change player. Like I said, almost a cheat, right?

This is crucial because trying to press and tackle against legendary difficulty on the almost manual style ‘Tactical Defending’ setting, sometimes feels impossible. Not only does this win the ball back for you over and over again, when you get better at timing it, you’ll be winning the ball so high up the pitch and become a lethal counter attacking force. This for me, is by far the most effective trick I’ve come across to improve your chances against the harder difficulties.

Trick #2 – Counter, Counter, Counter!


If you’ve been struggling on Legendary Squad Battles, you’ll already know by now that you’re not going to see much possession. Particularly the higher rated and higher chemistry teams, will often knock the ball about like a Barcelona squad on steroids. We’re going to turn this into one of our most deadly weapons.

The AI will pass, pass, pass, and especially on Legendary, will push its players further and further up the pitch in an attempt to make you concede. Something you may not know, is that on Squad Battles, the AI is programmed to win at all costs. There are no draws, as the games lead onto extra-time and ultimately, penalties. Due to this, the computer will play to win. This means that if the scoreline is a draw, or you are winning, the opposition will become more and more aggressive in it’s attacking as the game progresses. You may have noticed that you seem to score most of your goals late in the game? Well, as the computer becomes more aggressive in order to win, they will commit more players further up the pitch, take more risks in passing, and push their defensive line higher, playing straight into your hands.

So, now we know the opposition game plan, how do we use this to our advantage?

The starting tactic? Stay compact and defend well! Let the AI control most of the ball, let them knock it round, and almost let the time run down a little. Your aim is to try not to concede. So don’t take too many risks and try to minimise mistakes. If you manage to counter attack and steal a goal or two, then that’s even better.

Secondly, if you’re drawing, or ahead towards the start of the second half, this is the time to take more risks. Press higher, attack more, and play risky but cutting passes through to your forwards. You will definitely notice more space between the opposition defence, and you’ll find it easier to find openings and hit them on the counter. You still have to defend well though and do your best not to concede.

So your overall game plan is stay tight and compact for as long as possible, focus on not conceding and defending well. As the game progresses and you see more openings start to appear, and the opposition being more aggressive, then you start taking the game to them and picking them apart on the counter.

Trick #3 – Don’t Panic, Things Change Very Quickly


I can’t stress this enough; DON’T PANIC! There has been countless games where it’s been 0-0 on the 70th minute, and I’ve gone on to win 4-0 or 5-0. As mentioned previously, the longer the game progresses, the harder and more aggressively the AI will try to win the game. As the game reaches it’s later stages, you’ll find it easier and easier to pick them apart with ease, and make the most of the huge gaps that they leave in their defence. Trust me, once that first goal has gone in, the flood gates well and truly open. Keep calm, stick to the game plan, and you will come away victorious.

Trick #4 – Prioritise Points Awarded

You aren’t only awarded points for just winning the game. Whilst winning is your utmost priority, once you get a little more comfortable playing against Legendary, you should start prioritising how you need to perform in order to achieve the maximum points possible per game. Here should be your priorities, in order:

  1. Goals – Goals, Goals, Goals. Every goal you score earns you more points after the game. Scoring five goals past your opponent earns you significantly more points, so if you’re able to, scoring five is the main target.
  2. Clean Sheet – You also are awarded bonus points for keeping a clean sheet. As hard as this is against Legendary difficulty (because sometimes there’s just nothing you can do for the goals scored against you), it is absolutely possible to keep them out for the full ninety minutes, and you should be trying to do so. Once you concede a goal, prioritise fully on scoring. You only lose a mere 20 points per goal conceded, so winning a game 5-4 will actually earn you more points than winning 2-1, for example.
  3. Possession – So, you’ve bagged five against them. Maybe you’ve even managed to keep them out of your goal up to now. Focus on keeping the ball, you earn more points for having it around 60% in your favour.
  4. Shots on Target – Again, another match stat that you should keep in mind once you have prioritised the above. If you’ve scored your required goals, you will earn more points for shots on target, fire in a few accurate attempts to maximise points.

Trick #5 – Substitutions


Keeping in mind the previous tips, substitions can be the difference between winning or losing, or the difference between a 1-0 or a 5-0 victory. Like stated, as the game progresses and the AI gets increasingly aggressive, your substitutions will play a key part in your in-game success. As your opposition gets more fatigued, and space starts to open up in the latter stages of the game, it’s time to bring on your whippets.

You’ll want fresh legs, and fast ones to burst into those gaps in their defence, and tear apart those tired and sluggish defenders. I like to have on my more technically gifted, and more physical players from the start of the game, to hold the ball up, keep possession and stay defensively compact, like Alvaro Morata. As soon as the gaps appear and counter attacking becomes easier, on come my faster players who will leave their defence in the dust, my personal favourite super-subs being Marcus Rashford and Leroy Sane. This is why it’s important to keep a cool head if the result isn’t what you hoped for towards the latter stages, these substitutions if timed well, can completely change the flip the game on it’s head. Like I said, you can go from a frustrating stale mate in the 70th minute to a 5-0 victory with such ease.
Put these five top tips all together to create a lethal winning formula. It takes a little while to get the hang of it, but keep at it and eventually you’ll be earning the best rewards that this new and exciting game mode has to offer. I’ll see you in those Elite bandings!

Five Great First Date Locations in Leeds

Congratulations, most people don’t even reach this point. You’ve received that all important three letter word; YES, they would love to go on a date with you! Whether it’s a Tinder match you’ve been working on, that saucy little number you met at the bar last weekend, or that special someone you’ve had ‘a thing’ for as long as you can remember… first dates are sure to bring out those palm sweating, voice wobbling, thumb twiddling moments that make these things so nerve wracking but exhilarating at the same time. Dating is anything but easy, but luckily for you, Leeds has all you could ever wish for on the dating scene, and these great locations will be sure to set you off in the right direction.

The Maven


Having recommended this quaint little gem, I was shocked to discover just how many people had never even heard of it. At the very top of Call Lane, past the Corn Exchange, is where you will come across The Maven. Situated upstairs, through a small and otherwise easily missable entrance, this quirky and fashionable location is a great way to start off an easy-going, comfortable evening. Featuring quaint and picturesque decoration and set-up, it offers an interesting and uniquely refreshing style to more common, busier date choices in the city. The bar is usually busy enough to provide a relaxing bustle in the background to set you both at ease, without being too loud or invasive so that you can enjoy a successful conversation with candle lit seating areas rounding off the all important atmosphere.

Moving onto my favourite part; the drinks! There is something for everyone here as the bar prides itself on the extensive variety of cocktails on offer, with as many spirits and mixers as you both could hope for. However, the choice doesn’t end there! Can’t find what you want on the menu? You simply have to tell them what you like, and they will whip it up for you with no hesitation, with their own specialised and unique Maven twist. This bar is especially great if you were thinking of moving onto food later into the date, allowing you to calm those initial nerves over a more easy going vibe with some of the best cocktails in town.

The Botanist


Now, if you’re a Leeds regular, I know for a fact you’ll know about this place. Situated on the outside of Leeds Trinity, down the side of the chapel, is The Botanist. This lively bar and restaurant is a definite eyebrow raiser, especially if your date hasn’t had the opportunity to visit before. With beautifully styled rustic surroundings, and an extensive drinks and food selection, The Botanist is a great choice for both first dates and recurring. I’d highly recommend the food, and with a delicious choice of tapas and light bites, you both can share a number of small dishes whilst the conversation and laughs (hopefully) flow. At only £10.75 for your pick of four items from the Deli board, you can’t go wrong.

Take your pick from craft beers, celebratory fizz or unusual cocktail mixtures, whilst enjoying the live music that creates a lively and up-beat vibe. Booking a table is highly recommended, especially on a weekend, as saying this place gets busy is an understatement. If the loud and vibrant atmosphere inside isn’t doing it for you, there’s also an attractive and quieter outdoor seating area that is perfect for warmer summer evenings.

Roxy Ball Room


This one might even come to a surprise to some, but yes, Roxy Ball Room. Perfect to break the ice, or liven things up a bit from the typical date genre. You can find this just off Boar Lane, opposite Hotel Chocolat. Edgy street-style decor give this location a great informal feel and allow you and your date to relax and let your hair down a little. Roxy Ball Room have regular live music on a weekend, and enough entertainment to take your mind away from any nerves or mental strain you have from trying to think of what to talk about next.

Get the ball rolling with a game of beer pong, which is always a great shout to bring the fun factor to any date or night out. If that’s not your forte, you can always have a dabble of table tennis or pool, or just enjoy the busy atmosphere of the bar and chat the night away. This is a really great location to have a breather, and break up the night between the quieter, more up close and personal styles of other bars.

Jake’s Bar


Back to Call Lane now for one of my personal favourites; Jake’s Bar. Situated amongst some of the busiest bars in Leeds on a weekend, here you can find not only a great date location, but a great location for almost any type of excursion. As the night goes on, particularly on a weekend, it is essential to time this visit correctly depending on the atmosphere or style you hope to experience on the date. The later the night gets, the busier and more lively this bar will get. If you’re hoping for a more relaxed time, where you can converse and share stories over a drink, you’d be best to schedule this one into an earlier slot. Candle lit loungers are scattered throughout this basement-style attraction, with a delicious variety of cocktails to accompany. If you like gin, I’d recommend the Singapore Sling.

Like I said, this place gets busy, with a capital B, and the music only gets louder and more dance-orientated, so if you’re lucky enough to have made it to a stage in the date where you’re both a little jolly, and you both have a little itch for a dance, then head over to Jake’s bar a little later on. Experience their fine cocktail selection as you get your dancing shoes on, with two smaller but cosy dancing areas. There’s still plenty of seating areas both in the thick of the action, and quieter, more secluded areas situated just on the outside of the fray. Not that you wouldn’t be on a date, but be sure you’ve scrubbed up nicely because Call Lane bars are notoriously difficult to get into unless you’re in your best, and the door men take no excuses.

Sky Lounge


Last but not at all least, Sky Lounge. You’ll find this amazing location on the 13th floor of the hotel, The DoubleTree by Hilton. Sky Lounge offers a panoramic and breath-taking view of Leeds, and the city lights on a dark evening are something you just NEED to experience! You might find that the prices here are slightly above the locations mentioned prior to this, but the location itself, and the view on offer are definitely worth it. If sipping bubbly in the heated outdoor seating area, overlooking the vibrant and colourful city of Leeds from thirteen floors up, isn’t enough to knock your dates socks off… then I’m not sure that much will.

With a generous selection of wine, beers, cocktails or even shorts (if you’re feeling that way inclined), you’ll both be able to find something you can enjoy. Similarly to The Botanist, this lounge has a brilliant choice of light bites and deli boards to choose from that you can share including meats, cheeses and breads, at reasonable prices. This is definitely the opportunity to dress to impress, and treat your date to a luxurious and classy location.


Create a powerful concoction of these locations, or use them alongside your own favourites to blow your date away! The best part about Leeds is that your possibilities are endless, no matter what your taste. I really hope these help you in future, they sure helped me.

Have you visited any of these locations, I’d love to hear your stories and experiences! Maybe you know somewhere that could be part of this list, share it! Follow my blog uHumanKind on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I can’t wait to hear from you.


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