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To Uni or Not to Uni? Five Reasons You Should Definitely Consider Going

Part-time work, full-time work, internship, apprenticeship, university, night school… the possibilities after finishing school are endless. The choices ahead can be very daunting to anyone who doesn’t have a very clear direction of what they want to do. If you’ve been tossing and turning over whether to go to University to further your education in a particular field, no doubt you’ll have weighed up the fees, as well as the effort you are required to dedicate to such a step. The idea of University fees can be enough to put people off the choice of Uni for good, despite there being just as many options to aid you with these costs. If you’re tossing and turning over the decision, in this post, we’ve accumulated some of the very best parts of Uni life for you to consider when making your decision.

The Social Life


There is nothing, and we mean nothing, that compares to the social aspect of being at University. If you’re whats classed as a ‘mature’ student, you may already have your own home, maybe even a family, in which case moving away to live at Uni probably isn’t an option. For those with the option to do so, you have the choice to make student accommodation your home, living alongside other students in the same boat as you. Along with this comes the flat parties, block parties, themed nights (Mexican night is our personal favourite) and of course, living next door to some of your best and closest friends.

Most nights through the week, and weekend, you’ll experience organised Uni social events at local bars and clubs, not to mention Student Union bars which will no doubt become your favourite place throughout your studies. With your student card you’ll also get student discount at not only your local businesses, but around the country as well. This includes entry and drink discounts at many bars and clubs, shopping discounts at huge chains such as Tophop and ASOS, and even certain restaurant chains (have a look online to see exactly which).

Alcohol-based drinking aside, but there’s just something gratifying about coffee meetings on a morning, or through breaks too. Meet up with course mates, house mates or just anyone who takes your fancy for a coffee from one of the surrounding cafes (trust me, there will be tonnes around to keep you going through your studies).


Have a passion for football? Maybe you’ve got an undying love for the Harry Potter franchise? There’s more sports teams, societies and groups than you could ever count, available for you to join and take part in. We’ve seen flourishing societies such as extreme frisbee, base jumping, blog writing, and even Quidditch.

At Uni you will never ever complain about not having a social life, even in the thick of your final year studies, there will still be so much to do to break up those long library sessions.

The Friends You Make

Group of young people using digital tablet and smart phone

University is the perfect opportunity to meet new people on a similar track to yourself. With so many channels of meeting these people, you’ll quickly make new best friends, course buddies and maybe even meet your future husband or wife! You’ll come across and share hundreds of memories and good times with house mates, people on your course, society members, team mates and just anyone you happen to come across on one of the countless social events you’ll attend.

A lot of these people you meet will become friends outside of University, and after it, you might even spend the rest of your life with one of them. There are thousands of people there for you to meet, with endless posibilities of memories to make with them. You’ll eat and drink with them, learn with them, laugh with them, cry in the library with them, but the best part of it all is you will help each other through the journey ahead.

The Networks / Links You Make


This is probably a more important aspect than you’ll realise. Learning and living amongst thousands of other alumni, you’ll perhaps underestimate the business networks you will come across on a daily basis. Networking in University is important, and it is the perfect opportunity to meet and learn from new people, with different stories, different experiences and different advice. Not only this but you never know who may be able to help you in your working life somewhere down the line, and having a large and diverse network gives you endless channels in the working world. They can advise you, tutor you in something new, maybe even recommend you when applying for a new job, for example. Meet new people, speak to them, learn from them and most importantly, stay connected with them. You can do this very easily through the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter, even Facebook if you’re close enough.

What You Learn


Beside the social aspects, of course, you’re at University to learn, and you’re spending a considerable amount of money, time and effort to do so! You’ll be learning from some of the best in their field, and what you learn at University is invaluable. More than likely, your university course will be very specific and tailored towards what sort of career you want to go into after your studies. You might not ever use those algebraic equations you learned back in high school ever again, but you’ll definitely be using what you learn at University, and these teachings will help you on a daily basis to forge a successful career in your chosen field. It can, and at times, will, be mind boggling and give you a real headache, but if you want to be an expert in your field, then it’s a step you must take.

Your Degree


Last, but definitely not least, you’ll (hopefully) come out of it with a University Degree! A large number of high-skilled or high expertise positions within the working world will at minimum, require at least a University Degree. This achievement will give you a very valuable stepping stone towards finding and forging your career, often giving you a head start against others who you may be competing against.

Not only this, but the degree will give you a proven ‘track record’ of your commitment and determination towards your goals. After all, you’ve spent a considerable amount of time and effort working towards an achievement that is difficult to achieve without such hard work. Employers appreciate and admire this, aiding you in job searches and promotion opportunities.


Such a huge and life changing step needs to be very carefully considered, with every advantage and disadvantage being considered and weighed up to find the decision and direction that is right for YOU.